Samsung SmartThings Energy Helps Reduce Energy Consumption


Samsung announced on Thursday (15) its new service in the area of ​​home automation, SmartThings Energy, which allows its users to have access to consumption data from automated devices and thus can control energy expenditure, placing goals and notifications in the devices.

“People are spending more time at home and using their devices more often, leading to the need for more capacity and better energy efficiency,” said Chanwoo Park, vice president and head of the IoT business group at Samsung Electronics.

The smart home concept also encompasses a more conscious consumption, and with SmartThings Energy it is possible not only to reduce expenses on energy bills, but also to reduce the carbon footprint, by limiting appliances that are not being used. The feature supports all Samsung home appliances, including air conditioning systems.

How it works

The feature allows the user to monitor the use of water and electricity for each appliance or for a group of compatible devices, generating comparison graphs in relation to established goals and the expenses of the previous month. Based on these data, the application will give a projection of how much the cost will be at the end of the month.

To help save energy, SmartThings Energy has a tips and notifications feature to let you know the best opportunity to reduce costs. For example, the app warns you not to overfill the refrigerator, as this requires more energy to keep it cool, and warns you when any electronics are left on while users are away from home.

There is no forecast for the launch of the feature in the SmartThings app yet.


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