Samsung SmartThings App is Updated With New Interface


Samsung launched on Tuesday (8) the next generation of SmartThings application, which allows you to connect and control multiple devices in a smart home. The tool gained a new interface, aiming to make life easier for the user, as well as faster connections on mobile devices and on the desktop.

According to the South Korean giant, the app’s revamped interface is divided into five categories. The home screen is now called “Favorites”, showing the most used gadgets and services, while the “Devices” tab displays all the appliances in the house (smart TVs, smart light bulbs, appliances, etc).

In “Life”, you, the user, can discover improved electronics functions, which help to better organize everyday life. The other two spaces are “Automations”, to coordinate joint actions of certain devices (opening a door and turning on the light, for example), and “Menu”, where settings, notifications and usage history are located.

Samsung Electronics Vice President Jaeyeon Jung said the changes to the SmartThings app were made based on user feedback. “We listen to our customers and invest in our technology to improve the user experience, making it simpler,” explained the brand executive.

Changes come first to Android

The new Samsung SmartThings interface is now available in the Android version of the app, according to the company. On iOS, the service will be updated soon, but the brand has not released the exact date of availability of the changes.

Recently, the Internet of Things platform gained a version for Windows 10, bringing the management and control of the smart home to computers running Microsoft’s operating system.

Another innovation announced was the integration of the Matter protocol, created by technology giants to standardize communication between connected devices.


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