Samsung smart refrigerator has Wi-Fi


Samsung announced the new smart Family Hub refrigerator in Brazil. The model arrives punctual news in relation to the previous versions, ranging from greater volume, now with 614 liters, to the presence of a soundbar, allowing you to listen to music in the kitchen with the device. The manufacturer promises even greater savings, bringing Digital Inverter technology that allows up to 50% less energy compared to conventional refrigerators.

The product also has internal storage of 8 GB and a screen that allows you to mirror phones, tablets or even TVs of the brand through the SmartThings app. With a suggested price of R $ 25,999 in Brazil, the product is available in 110V and 220V versions, both with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The new version of the Family Hub comes with a Tizen system optimized for this type of use, allowing you to mirror the phone screen through the SmartThings app, which can also be done from Samsung TVs. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of synchronizing the smartphone to follow your social networks or watch videos from the device on the refrigerator screen.

The display can also show content stored in the appliance itself, which has 8 GB of space to store files in general. In this way, the user can leave videos and photos on the panel, called the Family Board, in a more practical way. The refrigerator also offers some app options on the system itself, among them Rappi, for deliveries, and Spotify, allowing you to listen to music without having your phone close by.

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The presence of an integrated soundbar is one of the strengths of the refrigerator, with a total power of 25 Watts RMS, which is equivalent to an intermediate television on the market. To listen to music, just access Spotify through the device’s screen, connect a smartphone via Bluetooth or even use the brand’s voice assistant, Bixby, which is also integrated in the launch.


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