Samsung Smart Monitor: Combining PC and TV features


Samsung introduced the new all-in-one monitor model called Smart Monitor. The South Korean company believes the Smart Monitor can serve multiple purposes during the work-from-home period.

It can be said that Smart Monitor is basically a TV with Tizen operating system that includes PC features. In addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wireless DeX support, the device also has AirPlay 2 support. This makes it possible to share photos, videos and music from AirPlay compatible devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac with the Smart Monitor.

The device, which can also be used as a traditional monitor, can access Office 365 applications in the cloud and edit documents without a PC or laptop connection. Galaxy Note 20 owners can enjoy a PC experience on the Smart Monitor with wireless DeX.

Since the Smart Monitor works with the Tizen operating system, it can access platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and YouTube. Other applications can be installed on the monitor via the built-in application store.

It offers two different models and three different options for the Samsung Smart Monitor. 27 and 32 inch screen options are available for the M5 Full HD resolution model. On the Ultra HD resolution M7, the only size option is 32 inches. The US prices of the M5 are set at $ 230 and $ 280, while the price for the M7 increases to $ 400. The M5 will be available this month. The M7 will hit the shelves in early December.


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