Samsung shows what its electric car will look like


In a new concept video, Samsung introduced a fully digital smart electric vehicle interior concept. Filled with touch screens, minimalism and seats that resemble movie theater seats, the Digital Cockpit 2021 renews what was presented at CES 2018, now with an even more modern look.

The word that sums up the concept is “versatility”. The entire video demonstrates the possibilities and applications that the vehicle system would provide for passengers: media consumption, management of smart devices, maps, vehicle data, 5G connectivity and even video conference cameras.

On the front panel, the concept features a 49-inch display with QLED panel, accompanied by a surround sound system, perfect for long travel intervals. In the back seat, passengers enjoy another screen and can even watch live broadcasts, participate in videoconferences, watch movies and even enjoy games.

Another important feature of the Digital Cockpit 2021 is the vehicle’s strong integration with the Samsung ecosystem. In the few examples shown, smartwatches and smartphones connect with the control center and share health data of the carriers, gathered and amplified by the sensors contained in the car.


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