Samsung Shows ‘stretchable’ Screen That Moves With Content


Since 2017, Samsung has been working on a “stretchable” OLED panel model. This week, the first display of the South Korean brand’s technology was publicly unveiled with a 13-inch screen at Global Tech Korea 2021.

Korean channel ITmoda posted an excerpt of the presentation on YouTube that shows the dashboard in action. While the screen displays an image of moving lava, an element of hardware acts by pushing the surface to create the three-dimensional effect.

Possible applications of an extensible screen

Unlike folding screens, stretchable display technology may not be applied to conventional smartphones or tablets. It’s worth noting that Samsung Display develops everything from panels for mobile devices to large LED screens.

The South Korean company also supplies screens to movie theater networks in different regions of the world. According to experts, it is possible that exhibitors and filmmakers consider the extensible panel as a new means of entertainment for the public.

While the technology is in its early stages, the application possibilities will be diverse. However, this could be the next step after traditional multi-folding and roll-up screens.

Example in the health field

In June of this year, the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) presented a preview of stretchable panel technology. The concept was applied to a small wrist-based heart rate monitor.

Unlike the recent example, the screen appeared not to be so conventional and only showed pixels in a rudimentary way. However, the sensor continued to work stably even after being stretched more than a thousand times.

In this way, the patient could follow the heart rate in real time. It would also allow people to measure biometric data for long periods without having to remove the device “glued” to the skin.


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