Samsung Shows New Flexible Screens in Promotional Video


Samsung: After unveiling a preview at the Display Week event, Samsung Display published a video about the next generation of flexible OLED screens. In particular, it is possible to have a more in-depth view of the possible applications of the technology.

Undoubtedly, the most surprising design is the S-Fold screen with two fold points. When fully extended, it transforms into a 7.2 ā€display that can display up to three different applications side by side.

As seen in the video, a simple fold reduces the size of the device enough to fit in a jacket pocket. However, it becomes significantly thicker when completely folded.

Another novelty presented in the promotional is the Samsung screen for notebooks with a camera under the panel. About to arrive on smartphones, the feature can renew the look of the ultrabooks models allowing finishes with thinner edges.

The South Korean manufacturer also unveiled a 17 “foldable laptop / tablet concept similar to Microsoft’s Surface Neo. Compact and elegant, it is exposed as a versatile machine that prioritizes users’ productivity.

Roll-up screens for smartphones

Finally, Samsung’s promotional video features roll-up displays for smartphones in action. For example, you can expand the screen and open a tab to view notifications.

Curved on both sides, the model can send content to other brand monitors with a simple touch. A tool that will help to promote an excellent integration between the devices.

Although Samsung has not revealed when these innovations will be available, the teaser is an excellent sample of what we may see in the distant future.


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