Samsung Shows Its Idea Of A Heart Rate Monitor With A Stretchable OLED Screen


Samsung: The world of medicine advances with the help of technology. There are many companies that support this field in order to improve people’s conditions. And it is that the slightest advance supposes an important change in the medical scene. In this case, we have to talk about a small Samsung prototype that consists of a heart rate monitor with a stretchable OLED screen.

A prototype of a Samsung heart rate monitor

Now it is very easy to access a device that measures the pulsations you have according to what moment. Indeed, you do not have to go very far, and you may have a smartwatch or smart band on one of your wrists. These devices have become more common in recent years, but they are only a small part of what is needed in medical centers, where they use more specialized equipment.

And to bring the best of the best to professionals comes Samsung with a design of a heart rate monitor with a stretchable OLED screen. For now, the Korean firm has devised a prototype consisting of a small computer attached to an extendable screen that attaches to the arm. According to the journal Science Advances, the part of the screen is made up of a surface that sticks to the person’s skin and can extend up to 30 percent beyond its capacity.

Its construction consists of a column composed of several pixels linked together by cables capable of modifying their position slightly. Of course, they can be stretched without losing their properties about 1,000 times. The device is placed at the level of the veins to control exactly the pumping of the blood and with this stretchable fabric, which is an elastomer, it will have several improvements so that wearing it all day is not a problem or a nuisance for the person who wears it. .

This sticky part is the part that adheres to the skin and has properties that make it perfect for the day-to-day of users. And it is that it not only stretches, but also withstands the heat of the components and resists liquids. This encourages people to leave the medical center with the device on and go about their normal life without worrying that they are wearing it. So you can shower and do all kinds of exercise without the band coming off.


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