Samsung Shows Exynos 2200 Chip With AMD GPU Running Ray Tracing


Samsung: Announced at Computex 2021, the Samsung Exynos 2200 processor will feature AMD’s RDNA 2 based GPU. Offering a feature set seen in computers, the new SoC chip includes real-time ray tracing support.

This Monday (4), the South Korean brand unveiled a comparative image of the new Exynos hybrid GPU running ray tracing. Published on the Weibo social network, the advertisement shows a battle tank with fire details reflecting on the body.

Looking at the images with a closer look, you can see the effects of ray tracing at other points in the scene. For example, the setting looks less dark and the building walls have more detail.

Furthermore, no extra technical details such as frame rate per second (fps) were revealed. Applying ray tracing is challenging even for powerful computer graphics cards. Therefore, the arrival of technology to mobile devices means a big step forward.

When will the new Exynos with AMD GPU be released?

As the leaks, the Exynos 2200 will have great graphics power and more modest CPU. Spotted in some tests, the model outperforms all smartphone processors available on the market.

The specs found indicate that AMD’s GPU, called Voyager, has six RDNA2 processor units with support for Ray Tracing and or 384 stream processors.

Previously, the expectation was that the processor would be officially announced in July. However, Samsung may have postponed the model’s debut for the launch of the Galaxy S22 line.


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