Samsung should increase its CMOS sensors by 40%


Samsung has already announced a new technology that allows you to use cameras under the screen on smartphones and now a new source points out that a component shortage crisis can have a very bad effect on the CMOS sensor market, where Samsung should increase their price in up to 40% according to a recent source.

The new information comes from the ItHome portal, which informs that the South Korean company can dramatically increase the price of CMOS sensors. In order to position ourselves in the market, we must remember that Samsung is the second largest supplier of this type of component in the world, competing directly with Sony, where this increase is expected to generate a considerable impact on the industry in the coming years.

Other manufacturers have also raised the prices of these sensors by up to 20%, but Samsung should be a little more radical in this regard, since demand only increases.

In addition to the sensors, another component is also missing from the market: processors. According to the report, Samsung is already expanding its production capacity of United Microelectronics Corporation in 28nm semiconductors, although this is still not enough to meet all market demand.

It is also said that the South Korean should reduce part of its DRAM production to focus on CMOS sensors in order to fulfill all its orders.


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