Samsung shares ‘Over the Horizon’ tune to be used on Galaxy S20


Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 series flagship phones will be introduced soon, and Samsung has renewed the “Over the Horizon” tune by continuing the tradition for their new phones.

South Korean technology giant Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S20 series phones at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event on February 11. The company shared the new version of the “Over the Horizon” melody, as usual, before introducing its flagship phones.

The “Over the Horizon” theme is renewed with every new generation Galaxy S device. This time, Samsung has combined music and green to match nature with music. It also kept the use of electronic instruments to a minimum in its new melody. The new ringtone is inspired by nature and includes the sounds of running water, chirping birds, reverberating through the lush forest.

The Samsung tune, which we all know closely, starts in the 47th second of the video below and continues for about 3 minutes. Relaxing nature scenes accompany melody. The “Over the Horizon” melody has been renewed in our lives since 2011 with the Galaxy S2 and every year with the launch of the latest Galaxy S flagships.

Samsung – Over The Horizon 2020


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