Samsung S Pen Pro release date started to talk


News of the release date started to come for the S Pen Pro, which showed itself with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. In previous reports, it was stated that the S Pen used in the Galaxy Note series can be used by the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In the current news, information about the release date of the new accessory model has emerged.

It is also among the new information that support for the Galaxy Note series will be delivered to more models. It was stated that this support may come not only for upper segment models but also for middle segment models in the future.

Projected time for Samsung S Pen Pro release date

After Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S series models, Gizmochina shared some details about the new pen. According to these details, the Samsung S Pen Pro model for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be on sale. It is stated that the S Pen Pro model will be larger than the S Pen.

After this prominent information, the last months of 2021 are shown for the Samsung S Pen Pro release date. It is also stated that the S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have Bluetooth capability and that air movements are not supported. It is reported that these features, which are currently not available, will be offered to users with S Pen Pro.

Users will need to purchase S Pen Pro for enhanced S Pen experience. In addition, the fact that the S Pen socket in the Galaxy Note series is not included in the Galaxy S21 Ultra was one of the prominent issues. Users who use the S Pen or S Pen Pro with this model will have to keep their accessories separately.


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