Samsung reveals Galaxy Z Fold 2 in detail


Samsung has announced the details of the new generation of Fold foldable smartphone. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 gained a completely new front surface, now 6.2 inches. The increase was 63% over the original Galaxy Fold. In addition, the South Korean company has increased the internal display to 7.6 inches. It also raised the price to US $ 1,999 in the United States, which is equivalent to R $ 10,755 at the exchange rate for the day.

A special edition in partnership with the brand Thom Brown comes out for a trifle of US $ 3,299, which gives about R $ 17,750. Consumers will begin receiving it on September 18.

The smartphone with Android 10 bets on a format very different from what we get used to seeing on phones. The external screen is suitable for everyday tasks. For those who need more space there is the internal display that makes Fold 2 almost become a tablet.

Consumers will be able to leave the device ajar on the table. With this, the so-called Flex Mode comes into play, in which half of the flexible screen displays the main information while the bottom half brings secondary data or control buttons. The same feature is in the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s rival to the Motorola Razr.

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