Samsung reveals details of ISOCELL HP1 200 MP sensor


Details of the world’s first 200 Megapixel smartphone sensor have surfaced. The era of 8K high-definition video begins.


Introducing the world’s first 200 Megapixel sensor for smartphone cameras recently, Samsung shared the details of the sensor. Named ISOCELL HP1, the sensor stands out with its new hybrid 4 x 4 pixel binning technology.

The sensor also draws attention with its 0.64 micrometer pixel. So the sensor will be able to use its algorithms that reallocate complex deep learning software. In addition, the sensor will be able to adjust the pixel grouping modes to suit the shooting conditions thanks to this use.

High definition video recording in 8K format!

The 200 Megapixel sensor will also allow high resolution video recording in 8K format with minimal loss of field of view. In addition, the four pixels grouped together to form 1.28 micron pixels will enable 8K video at 30 frames per second and 4K slow motion video recording at 120 frames per second.

The sensor also comes with a number of features for low light conditions. Accordingly, the product will use 4 x 4 hybrid pixel combining technology. The sensor, which enables 16 pixels to be 2.56 microns in size, has also greatly improved its ability to absorb light.

In addition, the world’s first 200 Megapixel sensor will be able to efficiently adapt to different lighting conditions thanks to the smart ISO mode. Thus, the sensor will automatically switch to high ISO mode, which provides brighter and clearer photos in dim light.

Additionally, in good lighting conditions, it will be able to switch to low ISO mode to ensure accurate color reproduction. The sensor in Progressive HDR will allow you to achieve a wide dynamic range of 100 decibels.


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