Samsung resumes gold medal in India’s cellphone market


And Samsung succeeded: everything was already designed for the company to resume leadership in the mobile phone market in India in the short term thanks to expressive sales, and this was confirmed by the IDC report for the second quarter of 2020.

The company achieved a 24% market share when it comes to mobile telephony in general. That is, here are numbers of smartphones and also featurephones, which have great appeal there. When we speak exclusively of smart devices, the South Korean is slightly behind Xiaomi: 29.4% against 26.3%.

Even so, IDC is betting that Samsung has the right tools to re-dominate the smartphone market. It has already surpassed live (17.5%) that until 2019 was ahead of it. In relation to the first quarter of 2020, the growth of the owner of the Galaxy Note 20 was expressive: she jumped from 15.6% to the current 26.3%.

IDC took a reading of the moment, revealing why it believes Samsung will continue to grow in the Indian scenario:

The ongoing supply chain challenges have forced brands to seek direct imports to meet pent-up post-blocking demand, especially in June, adding extra cost pressures. In addition, this increase in demand is expected to continue throughout the third quarter as well, requiring a constant supply of devices in the market. IDC expects the market to show signs of recovery in the second half of the year, as we approach the final quarter and its holiday dates, with most consumers looking to buy intermediate and entry-level devices. However, this will depend on brand marketing and channel initiatives, especially by eTailers during festive sales. Brand initiatives around multi-channel or hybrid strategies will also play an important role, as offline partners and brands will be looking for pockets of growth in the coming months.

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