Samsung reshapes customer service during pandemic


In times of pandemic, the relationship between technology companies and consumers has changed. First because, in times of social isolation, the amount of products purchased to solve gaps has increased.

With that, many had to change their devices, make upgrades to work better or be able to live better with their friends and family at home. But, if some of these products have problems, how to do? During the period of closing trade and services, how to resolve any failures or perform maintenance on gadgets?

It was this doubt that led us to the interview with Luiz Xavier, Senior Director of Customer Service at Samsung Brazil. In an exclusive conversation with TudoCelular, Xavier explained the security procedures adopted by the company, from customer service at physical costumer service units and also home care, and stressed the importance of consumers looking directly for the manufacturer when repairing their products.

But what are costumer services? Xavier explains: “the costumer services area is responsible for after-sales operations services for the entire portfolio of Samsung products in Brazil, here in the national territory, and here we have support and all service in warranty and outside guarantee. This is all part of our operations “, he concludes.

The executive highlights the growth of online service in the pandemic period and the reformulation that the company underwent to adapt to more than 400 changes in laws and decrees across the country. The full interview is in the video set at the top of this article. Follow the main highlights below.

Customer service at Samsung units

“Following these issues from legal requirements, we had to adapt our operations by placing and guaranteeing distance between the service positions with a physical acrylic barrier, distance between the tables and counters, the waiting couches, mask, glove, alcohol gel, sanitization of the environments, flow control, temperature measurement … All this so that we could have the proper functioning, safety for employees and also for consumers.
Luiz Xavier, Senior Director of Customer Service at Samsung Brazil.

Home care and remote areas

“In home care, at Samsung, consumers, not only those who have a home appliance – refrigerator, washer and dryer, air conditioning – but a TV, over 42 inches, can count on home care. For this to happen, technicians visit these consumers using a mask, glove, alcohol gel, for the feet. We have a protocol, a service script, we do temperature monitoring before they go out to the field to do the day’s appointments, we contact the consumer, ask if there are any restrictions, if it is available and in working conditions. receive our technicians, and with that we do. And the vehicles we use during the day are sanitized daily. In operations in remote areas, with the capture via Correios […], we have centralized repair centers, which are concentrated in some regions of the country, we also had to adapt operation shifts so that we could adapt this issue of security for the employee and also maintain the operational flow to serve consumers well.
Luiz Xavier, Senior Director of Customer Service at Samsung Brazil.

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Relationship with consumers

“Samsung acts very close to its consumers, and highly values the question of service, quality and promptness with which customers are treated. We are very concerned with the relationship, so that the consumer receives, after sales, a service with the same quality as the product he purchased, and this is a fundamental service for us. Luiz Xavier, Senior Director of Customer Service at Samsung Brazil.

Work during the pandemic

“We had to adapt a number of aspects of our operation. Until yesterday (30), around 480 laws or decrees were issued and published at the municipal, state and federal levels, and we monitor this daily to understand the restrictions or obligations that we have to follow in order to continue providing services . It is super important to consider that, when staying at home to stay safe, consumers had to rely even more on the benefit of technology to connect at work, with friends, with family … So it is important to think that the availability of the service, for these products to work properly, is a very important issue, and we are very attentive to that.


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