Samsung Releases Update With Improvements to Bixby


Samsung: Apparently, Samsung is not willing to give up its virtual assistant, Bixby. According to SamMobile, this Thursday (8), the South Korean released an update package for the feature, ensuring several improvements to users.

From now on, the vehicle describes, search results will no longer occupy the entire screen of the devices, but only the space needed for consultation and for a limited time, automatically disappearing after the defined period – which, by default, is 15 seconds.

In addition, the company improved learning about the tool’s preferences, which will now show personalized tips based on the consumer’s experience. Training Bixby will also no longer be necessary, as the activation command must be said only once, as opposed to the five before.

Optimizing tasks

A final implementation composes the new version of Bixby, which has, in this update, the possibility of adding a quick command card to the initial screen, which enables the optimized execution of various tasks.

To check if the news has reached you, just visit the Galaxy Store. Once the new version is available, just download the tool and enjoy.


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