Samsung refrigerator is more resistant to power surges


Samsung launched a new line of power-resistant refrigerators. The Samsung Evolution line can work both in environments with installations with 110V and in places that require 220V and remains intact in the face of variations in voltage of the electric energy. It is the first line of refrigerators with PowerVolt technology in Brazil.

According to the Atmospheric Electricity Group (Elat) of the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), Brazil is the world champion in lightning registration. The most recent figures speak for an annual average of 77.8 million rays in Brazilian territory. With the power outages caused by lightning, thousands of Brazilians have their appliances damaged every year.

According to the company, the goal of developing the PowerVolt line came after a survey that identified the gap in the home appliance market. In tests, the refrigerators were exposed to peaks of up to 310V, extreme conditions that could generate risks to the integrity of the materials. Samsung said there were no anomalies or changes in the condition and functioning of refrigerators.

“It is a product that stands out for its resistance and durability, but still presenting a timeless look, which will bring modernity to consumers’ homes for years and years”, says Helbert Oliveira, director of the Home Appliances Division at Samsung Brazil.


The refrigerator’s versatility promises more convenience to consumers, who will not have to worry about changing the refrigerator when moving house or city. The Evolution RT46 and Evolution RT38 refrigerators also have resources aimed at better conservation and organization of food. The Deodorizing Filter removes odor particles and preserves the taste of food for longer; All-around Cooling technology cools all compartments evenly; and the Power Cool option allows food to be cooled faster.


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