Samsung recommends the S Pen for more devices


Samsung may have plans to expand the use of its S Pen to more types of mobile devices under the Galaxy line. According to the portal SamMobile, the Asian giant issued a note that comments a little on the possibility of the accessory becoming more compatible with more models and categories of devices than it is today.

The S Pen was, for a long time, an exclusive accessory of the Note line and one of the main differentials of this flagship series for the other top models of the South Korean, such as the smartphones of the Galaxy S line, for example. Now, however, the pen is no longer an item only of the Galaxy Notes, after the launch of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was the first cell phone out of the series to have this compatibility.

Now, Samsung may already have plans to add more models to the list of S Pen compatible devices, according to its statement:

We are committed to innovating new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously to make our consumers’ lives easier and better. We made the bold decision to expand the S Pen experience to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and plan to expand the S Pen experience into additional device categories in the future.
Based on what the oriental company said, it is possible to expect that not only smartphones, but also new tablet models will receive pen support from Samsung. However, the company did not give details of when or with what devices this will start to happen.

Anyway, it is possible that the next to gain support for the technology are the new models of foldable smartphones from the company. Some rumors even point to the possibility of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 being launched with support for the accessory.

So, what do you think of Samsung expanding the use of the S Pen to more devices? Will the company keep the pen as a premium feature or can it introduce the accessory for intermediate models as well? Comment your opinion with us in the space below.


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