Samsung reaches young viewers with BTS partnership


When Samsung allied with the k-pop group BTS for the promotion of their smartphones, no one doubted that this was a very expensive transaction. But it seems that it was a successful marketing bet, which bears fruit even six months after the launch of the Galaxy S20 line.

Recently one of the group’s members, Kim Tae-hyung – known as V – posted a seemingly uncompromised selfie on their social media. And that was enough for Samsung’s Weibo, in addition to other social networks, to be flooded by the demand of users wanting to know which device he was using.

The pop band allied with the South Korean in February, with a contract that even included a cell phone from the “group”. The S20 Plus received a design that speaks to the visual identity of the band, as well as the Galaxy Buds Plus also received a version with purple details, a characteristic color of the group.

Both products recently arrived in Brazil, but show that Samsung started talking to an audience with which its communication was deficient a few years ago: young people.

There have been many attempts by the brand to associate its tops with a younger segment of the population. With the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9, for example, the manufacturer tried to shift the focus from the product – until then aimed at more corporate users – to gamers, with partnerships that even included Fortnite.

Most recently she tries to repeat that bet with the Galaxy Note 20 combo that includes three months of Game Pass Ultimate and an Xbox One controller.

In any case, the brand continues to bet on BTS for its second semester products. The band has already started talking and using the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which does not yet have an exclusive version of the group. What may not happen, after all, as much media power as BTS has, the South Korean folding still costs more than $ 2,000.


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