Samsung Reached Its Purpose in Social Media with BTS Cooperation


Although Samsung’s collaboration with South Korean world-famous music BTS has been criticized by people who do not like BTS very much, the data show that Samsung has gone to an accurate marketing partnership. Because Samsung’s 37 most interacting tweets are about the BTS partnership.

South Korean technology giant Samsung is one of the technology manufacturers that actively use social media in their PR works. The company frequently collaborates with famous names for product promotions both in our country and on international platforms. Samsung, which has recently collaborated with the beloved singer Ece Se├žkin, has been cooperating with BTS, which has a worldwide reputation for some time.

Samsung’s PR work with BTS attracts a lot of attention due to the fact that both the loved and disliked of the famous group. At this point, it is obvious that BTS-themed Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy Buds + models are also talked about a lot.

Samsung’s 37 most engaging tweets appear to be tweets about collaboration with BTS. Therefore, although Samsung-BTS cooperation is much discussed, it is a fact that the company has achieved its goal in this cooperation. This statistic can also be considered as an indication that Samsung will continue to work with BTS.

Samsung spends a budget of $ 5 billion every year for marketing. This year is an unforgettable fact that a large part of the budget goes to a partnership with BTS. However, Samsung seems to be very pleased with this situation because the company continued to create various promotional videos, even during the pandemic process we were in.


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