Samsung Q800T TV: an 8K ‘less expensive’


The Q800T is the least expensive model in Samsung’s 2020 line of 8K QLEDs, which also includes the Q950T here in Brazil. The Q800T is available in three sizes: 65, 75 and 82 inches. The smallest, which is the one we tested here, costs R $ 17,999.

QLED TVs have an LED backlit panel with a layer of what Samsung calls quantum dots. When the backlight hits these points, they emit the light frequencies (which are, basically, the colors) as needed to create the images on the screen.

This is a very simplified explanation of the technical part of the thing, and if you think you’re already confused now, it’s because you didn’t remember that the screen itself is just a part of this technological mathematics, since the TV still needs the processor to improve this image. But let’s continue and comment on TV technologies throughout the text.


With thin edges and an elegant design, the Q800T does not have that support in the gap of last year’s Q900, which leaves it very close to the wall, as if it were a frame, and neither does One Connect, which is that external black box that connects to the TV with a single cable. These two items make the product more expensive and are reserved for the “top top” of the line.

Despite being quite thin, the 65-inch Samsung Q800T weighs 24 pounds, but the metal base that lets the TV stand on the mobile weighs seven pounds. In other words, the safe installation here is a job for two people.

The rear is still made of plastic and has a channel layout to organize the cables and not get that mess. On the right side we have the inputs: there are four HDMI (only one is 2.1), two USBs, an ethernet, an optical audio output and a TV antenna connector. It also has Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 5 connections.

The metallic remote control has an infrared that allows you to control other compatible devices connected to the TV. Dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay are also here.



The Q800T supports multiple voice assistants. During our tests, Alexa and Bixby were already available in Portuguese. Google Assistant will also be available by the end of the year. You can use voice commands to know the weather, ask to turn on a light in a room, and so on.

An interesting detail is that you don’t need to talk about the controller to give commands, because the TV has the feature for remote activation (the so-called far field). Just speak out loud in the room, up to about 1.5 meters from the TV, to activate the commands.

Those who use iPhone have AirPlay available to pair their content on the TV, but those who have Galaxy line devices can use the Tap View feature, which allows you to mirror the smartphone’s content just by touching the device to the side of the TV.

Samsung’s Tizen operating system continues with that clean look, now with the option of a dark theme and many applications available for download.

The Environment Mode also has some pretty cool options like the creation of routines to put information of the day on the screen at 8 am, for example. Some options for images and relaxation sounds are also available.

Image quality

The Q800T’s image is well balanced, but by default it comes with a more saturated color setting. Just browse through the image modes to make it look more realistic.

The brightness is enough for you to see calmly in a super bright room, and the viewing angle is very good, without loss of color quality and brightness for those who are sitting on the end of the sofa, without facing the TV.

But, as not everything in this life is perfect, the local dimming technology that helps to give an extra boost and enhance the black color on TV. The problem is that it is not possible to completely disable this setting, so even if we put it in the lowest, it can still steal a little bit of the scene.

Everyone talks a lot about the depth of black, which needs to appear as black and not gray on the screen. And here it gets really dark, but it can damage the experience a bit when reading subtitles, because it creates a kind of halo in the lighter part.


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