Samsung president died at the age of 78! Here are Details


Samsung President Lee Kun-hee passed away on Saturday (24) at the age of 78. He was hospitalized in Seoul (South Korea) and died accompanied by his family, Lee Jae-yong. The cause of death has not been revealed.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung confirmed the death of the president who pushed the South Korean company to be a leader in the electronics market. Sammy also released the following message: “President Lee was a true visionary who transformed Samsung into the innovative world leader and industrial power of a local company. Your legacy will be eternal “.

In 2014, Lee Kun-hee was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. At the time, he developed a procedure to prevent the generation of toxic material in blood vessels by slowing down metabolism. In addition, in the 1990s, the then president of Samsung recovered from lung cancer.

If news appears, this news will be updated.

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