Samsung Pay Wins Support for Covid-19 Vaccination Wallet


Samsung Pay: The Covid-19 vaccination card is becoming an important document in several countries. Therefore, Samsung will make life easier for Galaxy device owners in the United States who want to have a digital version of the vaccine registry.

In the coming weeks, Samsung Pay will start storing data from Smart Health Cards. The integration project was developed in partnership with the Commons Project Foundation and will have information provided by the American CommonHealth app.

After the information is saved to Samsung Pay, a digital version of the document and a QR code will be generated. The recommendation is that data be shared only with trusted bodies, such as schools, workplaces and health plans.

The purpose of the integration is to allow people to always have the Covid-19 vaccination card data at hand. Since it will be increasingly common to require proof when traveling or entering certain places.

Samsung Pay simplifies transactions for millions of mobile device users. As more people use the app as a digital wallet, it’s a natural extension to make vaccination records more accessible,” said Rob White, senior director of products at Samsung Pay.

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service. The app stores digital versions of credit and debit cards on users’ devices so they can be used for on-the-fly payments.

The app is compatible with Galaxy line devices, such as smartphones and smartwatches. Remembering that models need to have NFC technology to be able to carry out contactless transactions.


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