Samsung patents ‘sub display’ that hides camera holes


Samsung has patented a technology that can change the concept of front-facing cameras on cell phone screens. According to the document, the South Korean manufacturer is studying the application of a mobile sub display inside the devices.

According to the information, the “second screen” mechanism will be located between the camera and the external display. Highlighted, the user will be able to hide the front lens by sliding the display and gain more screen space on the device.

The new patent appears as a solution for displays with cutouts for selfie cameras. Even the Infinite O-Selfie model from Samsung makes the user lose a small screen space so that the sensor is visible.

In addition, the new technology will allow the manufacturer to add additional features. For example, it will be possible to implement flash, a wide-angle lens and sensors similar to Apple’s FaceID.

For experts, the technology will really improve the user experience. However, the only problem is that the concept has great mechanical complexity. In the end, it can increase the cost of producing the devices.

Waterproof technology

Currently, several manufacturers are betting on pop-up or sliding cameras as front cameras. However, these features do not allow the devices to be waterproof and leave the sensors exposed to damage in the event of a fall.

Thus, Samsung technology can solve this problem that affects several smartphone models. So, if she can apply this to her devices, that would be a great differentiator for the brand.

What is your opinion on the new patent from the South Korean manufacturer? Will this feature hit the market soon?


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