Samsung paralyzes factory in Manaus due to Covid-19


The industry as a whole is facing major challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic. More than 100 thousand employees of automobile manufacturers from all over Brazil have already stopped their activities, and now it was Samsung’s turn to announce the temporary closure of its factory in Manaus, capital of Amazonas.

With the initial period scheduled until Sunday (29), it is possible that the stoppage will extend for a longer time. The company is following the conduct adopted by the brand in South Korea, China and India.

In a statement sent to the Korea Herald website, the company claims to be following government guidelines to prevent its employees from being infected with the new Coronavirus. The number of contaminated in the state has already reached 32 people.

Breach of rules
Images showing an agglomeration of employees denounce that the company breached containment rules this Monday (23). The records were made and released by representatives of the Metalworkers Union of Amazonas. However, Valdemir Santana, president of Sindimetal, clarified shortly afterwards that it was a register for screening employees.

The South Korean giant commented on the case, stressing that it follows the established rules and is committed to the well-being of its employees. The factory’s activities in Campinas, São Paulo, continue normally, with the orientation that employees who work with sales and marketing adopt home office and reinforced care in the period.


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