Samsung opens new factory in South Korea to expand EUV 5nm chip manufacturing


Samsung has just revealed on Thursday, the 21st, the expansion of its semiconductor production capacity with the opening of a new plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, to be able to deal with the growing global demand for solutions that are adopting the new ultra-violet (EUV) technology.

The new production line will allow Samsung to manufacture 5 nanometer (nm) chipsets of the aforementioned EUV technology with 5G capabilities, high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence.

E.S. Jung, President and Foundry Business leader at Samsung Electronics, says in an official press release that the “new facility will expand Samsung’s manufacturing capacity for sub-5nm processes and allow us to respond quickly to the growing demand for EUV-based solutions. . ”

And the executive also ensures that the company will focus on recruiting new talent to invest even more in technology, stating that “this will allow us to continue innovating as we move towards robust growth in Samsung’s manufacturing business.”

With a greater focus on the production of 5 nanometer chipsets, the expectation is that companies will start to give greater focus to research and development of inferior lithography projects, reaching the manufacture of platforms in 3 nanometers between the end of next year and beginning 2022.


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