Samsung may invest $ 10 billion in new processor factory


This Friday (22), the website Bloomberg reported that Samsung is considering building a new high-tech factory focused on the development of 3 nm processors. The multi-billion dollar investment, estimated at nearly $ 10 billion, is targeting the North American city of Austin, in the state of Texas, and may begin construction later this year. Decision can promote more security for the company’s business in the United States, strengthening its presence before rivals, such as TMSC.

Accelerating the race, Samsung foresees the start of operations of its new Texan plant for 2023. The South Korean has already started the first steps of its plan and became the owner of the 440 km² land in the city of Austin, possibly designated as the location of the enterprise. If built, the factory will be Samsung’s third factory capable of producing processors using extreme ultraviolet lithography.

According to The Verge, one of the current challenges facing Samsung would be to negotiate “controversial” fees, subsidies and tax incentives during Biden’s government – Bloomberg, however, says the company can also proceed without the benefits. The construction of the new plant will provide more security for the South Korean business in the United States, in addition to reducing its distance in the dispute with TMSC, one of the current processor manufacturers for Apple, among other companies.

In this context, the South Korean seems to be adapting to the new market trend of large companies, such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. The technology giants are developing their own solutions for processing their devices, leaving their production to third-party companies like Samsung itself or TMSC. With no time to waste, Samsung already expects to deliver its 3 nm processors in 2022.


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