Samsung May Include Camera Stabilization in Galaxy A Lineup


Samsung: This Friday (3), new rumors emerged about the update of the Galaxy A line for next year. According to the South Korean website The Elec, Samsung is planning to implement the Optical Stabilization (OIS) feature in the cameras of all mobile phones in the series, making it even more competitive in the market.

If confirmed, Samsung would have already given some hints of the adoption of the feature still in the launch of the Galaxy A22, an intermediate model with a 48 MP camera with OIS. It arrived on the national market in July of this year with a suggested price from R$ 1,899, offering greater quality in the registration of photos.

The stabilization function ensures that records are not harmed by direct or indirect tremors in the cell body, thus promoting a sharper result.

Considering the high competitiveness in this mobile phone segment, especially fierce due to the cost-effectiveness offered by Chinese manufacturers, the addition of OIS in the Galaxy A line of cameras could offer an advantage to Samsung. The South Korean’s entry-level models were a sales success even amid the crisis in semiconductor supply, indicating that the company may be increasing its bet on the niche.

However, the novelty still needs confirmation from Samsung and, thus, should be considered with caution.


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