Samsung may bring back input for P2 headphones


Since Samsung removed the P2 headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10, it appears that this has become a new tradition among the company’s devices.

Since then, the S20 and Note 20 line have already been announced and both have arrived on the market without compatibility to the headphones with 3.5mm connector, in addition to the S10 Lite – which is from the previous generation, but was also presented without the input.

However, according to reports, the South Korean has plans to reinsert this type of entry into its next flagships.

According to leaker MauriQHD, the South Korean plans to launch its next flagships – probably the 2021 or 2022 models – already with technology support. He further pointed out that Samsung admits it is a risky move, but still wants to see the tech industry’s reaction to it.

He also highlights the possible “free advertising” that new models of Samsung phones with P2 input for headsets will receive. This is because in a market where several other giants, such as Apple, for example, have already entered the “fashion” of launching products without this type of physical connection, the launch of such a flagship could be the subject of much conversation among fans of the brand or technology enthusiasts.

Finally, if there is a positive response from the public to this, it may be that the South Korean will adopt – again – the use of the connection on all of her devices from then on.

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