Samsung May Be Developing New Dual Aperture Cameras


Samsung: Last Sunday (8), the famous Dutch website LetsGoDigital reported an interesting new Samsung patent. Registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the novelty is a new camera system with “double aperture” for cell phones — a feature previously understood as “retired”.

Called Dual Aperture (or Dual Aperture, in Portuguese), Samsung’s proprietary feature showed up for the first time on the Galaxy S9, top of the line from 2018. The system, which allows you to switch between ƒ1.5 or ƒ2.4 settings for clearer or sharper photos, it was present on all premium Samsung models up to the Galaxy Note10+, being replaced by other technology on the Galaxy S20 and beyond.

However, it appears that the feature appears to have been redesigned in a new system, as the patent suggests. The drawing in the document presents a configuration of three cameras linked by a movable mechanism, possibly responsible for alternating the different aperture options.

The patent further details that the cameras will have a more “closed” and sharper aperture while in the horizontal configuration. Similarly, the opening should become more “open” in the “triangular” setting, indicating the return of the default options ƒ1.5 and ƒ2.4. Despite being quite versatile, the system brings with it its load of problems due to the use of so many moving parts, naturally more prone to failure in the future — especially after crashes, as the Sammobile website denotes.

However, it is noteworthy that the patent registration does not necessarily indicate that Samsung will use the technology in their cell phones. The approval of the documents may have been carried out as a way to protect the South Korean’s intellectual property against competing companies. It remains to wait for more news from the company about the case.


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