Samsung Makes Fun of The iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera in Commercial


Samsung launched a TV commercial in the United States making fun of the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple’s most powerful phone today. Called “your upgrade shouldn’t be a dowgrade”, the marketing campaign compares the Apple’s smartphone photo system with the S21 Ultra.

The main focus of the commercials is to promote the high quality zoom of the S21 Ultra, which has a 108 MP camera and the Space Zoom function. The commercials show pictures taken with both phones, with the Samsung model taking the best.

One of the comparisons shows the two cell phones taking a picture of the Moon. While the Apple model is not doing well, the S21 Ultra is able to deliver images of the Earth’s natural satellite in detail thanks to the improved zoom.

Another comparison shows cell phones in action when capturing the image of a hamburger. The S21 Ultra is able to capture more details of the snack thanks to the robust camera system, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max delivers a simpler photo.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best cell phone from Apple today and has a camera system with up to 12 times digital zoom, while the S21 Ultra works with an approximation of up to 100x. While Android phone makers are usually ahead of the hardware, Apple tends to be slower to implement technologies on their devices, which has recently garnered criticism from the CEO of Telegram.

Samsung’s advertising tactic can be effective in unleashing the power of the S21 Ultra’s camera. However, the South Korean company has ended up making mistakes in ads making fun of Apple.

At the end of last year, Samsung made a post mocking the fact that the iPhone 12 arrived without a charger, but the joke was taken off the air after the Galaxy S21 line was launched in the same way, without a power supply in the box.


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