Samsung Makes Antimicrobial Sheath For Fight Against Corona


Samsung recently got a patent for a very interesting product. While the product that is the subject of this patent is referred to as “antimicrobial coating”, Samsung stated that it will be processed on the upper part of the cases.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, almost every company changed the way they do business, and they took new steps at this point. Technology giants have also begun taking steps to adapt to the new world.

South Korean manufacturer Samsung has also received a new patent for it. This patent is shown as an antimicrobial coating. We know that organisms that can cause diseases such as coronavirus can be transmitted from surfaces. The new surface will also protect people at this point.

Virus-free surface

The antimicrobial coating combats the presence of virus particles and generally prevents bacteria from sticking to the surfaces. We have learned in our studies to date that diseases such as coronavirus can be transmitted easily through surfaces.

Having coatings that can combat microbes in general will also be beneficial for public health. Thanks to the antimacrobial structures, the transmission rate of pathogens through the surfaces will be reduced.

It is stated that the patent application made by Samsung was made on 30 June and it was used in the patent office of more than one country. In the promotion of the patent, there is a description of “protective cap and cover for smart phones and tablet computers”.

Antimicrobial coating is effective against coronavirus

According to research reports from the University of Arizona, antimicrobial coatings ensure that surfaces are protected from coronavirus for up to 90 days. When this type of coating is applied, the virus rate decreases by 90% in the first 10 minutes and by 99.9% after the first two hours.

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Smartphones can be very effective for spreading diseases. Therefore, the effect of such coatings may be higher than expected. There is no exact information about when Samsung will introduce cases.

On the other hand, we know that Samsung will introduce the new Galaxy Note 20 series next month. It is not a very unreasonable idea to wait for new cases to be introduced during this period. In addition, the Korean company has many devices to explain before the pandemic ends.


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