Samsung loses its contract! Details


Despite facing some problems in the smartphone market, Huawei has been preparing to announce its new foldable Mate X2 soon. That device has already had a number of leaked details and could be released in the coming weeks.

However, unlike what many expected, the new phone will not feature flexible OLED screens from Samsung. According to sources working with the South Korean, the companies have even reached a major trade agreement.

However, interference from the United States has caused Huawei to give up buying these screens from Samsung.

The country even released the relationship between Samsung Display and Huawei. That’s because South Korea’s OLED technology uses 100% proprietary technology and has no US component, something that takes away the White House’s interference power.

If the US approved the deal and Huawei still gave up, what happened? The Chinese manufacturer may have given up for two reasons. The first is fear of future interference from Washington, which has the power to pressure the South Korean government and bar Samsung indirectly.

Another reason that may have influenced Huawei is called BOE. Currently, the manufacturer is the largest supplier of flexible screens in China and competes directly with Samsung:

Huawei now participates in a Chinese government incentive program and the choice of BOE is something that is provided for in the agreement. The text is clear when it says that Chinese manufacturers should give priority to Chinese suppliers.
For now, companies have not commented on the matter.

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