Samsung Life Unstoppable showcases new products


Samsung unveiled its state-of-the-art, smart and connected products developed to support people’s changing lifestyles at the virtual experience event Life Unstoppable.

Samsung Electronics announced its latest innovations in mobile and wearable devices, TV, audio and home appliances at the Life Unstoppable virtual experience event, which is held today to show how the 2020 product family is developing today’s connected lifestyle.

As just one of the ways Samsung continues to push the boundaries of technology, the virtual world of Life Unstoppable heralds a new era in innovation. This virtual world, with its pioneering and immersive nature, has been brought to life with a brand new and gamified way of experiencing Samsung’s human-oriented innovations.

This year, when consumers are trying to stay connected with the outside world, their relationship with technology has become much more complete. Setting out to provide consumers with the smartest possible experience, offering products that can be seamlessly connected to each other, Samsung goes beyond the boundaries while bringing together all the elements of daily life, business life and entertainment with its technology.

The following products were among the products introduced by the brand today:

  • The most recently developed, The Premiere, which takes the concept of home entertainment one step further, was introduced at a global level.
  • With the Odyssey, Samsung brand monitors continue to lead the gaming experience.
  • With Tab A7, Galaxy Fit2, A42 5G and Galaxy Z Fold2, brand new products have been added to the wide Galaxy range.
  • The Triple Wireless Charger was developed with today’s lifestyle that requires constant innovation.
  • It was announced that the RB7300T Classic Refrigerator with SpaceMax technology and the customizable Bespoke refrigerator series will be offered for sale in Europe.
  • WW9800T Washing Machine and DV8000T Laundry Dryer with intelligent learning solutions and automatic connection capability were introduced.

“As of this year, unexpectedly, we had to completely rethink our relationship with technology,” said Benjamin Braun, President of Samsung’s European Marketing Board. At Samsung, we aim to embrace these changes as well as stay ahead at this stage, and we continue our innovations by considering the future. We are constantly working for our bold and revolutionary technology development mission and looking for ways to announce our 2020 product lines in ways that go beyond this virtual experience that redefines the game. On the one hand, we will continue to offer you products that support the “Life Unstoppable” concept, on the other hand, as Samsung, we will continue to surprise you with much more. ”

The Premiere: Taking entertainment both indoors and outdoors to the next level

Samsung The Premiere

Nowadays we spend most of our time at home, and television has become a device we are using more than ever before. Thanks to television, we connect with the world by watching the news. We also watch our favorite entertainment content on TV. The demand for the best possible TV experience has never been higher.

Samsung introduced The Premiere, its brand new smart projector that offers a movie theater experience in the comfort of your home. A wall is all you need for The Premiere, which you can project anywhere in your home without taking up space with its 120 and 130-inch models. With its simple and minimalist design that fits any living space, The Premiere powerful interior speaker features Acoustic Beam surround sound as well as state-of-the-art triple laser technology offering 4K image technology. The Premiere LSP9T is the world’s first HDR10 + certified projector. In this way, it offers revolutionary color and contrast that add depth for finer picture details when moving from bright scenes to dark scenes. The Premiere will be available this year in Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Scandinavian countries.

Also this year the boundaries between indoor and outdoor have become more blurred. People now want the transition between the two to go smoothly. Samsung also introduced its move on outdoor entertainment. The Terrace is the brand’s first screen designed for outdoor displays. The Terrace and Terrace Soundbar are IP55 rated, thus resistant to outdoor conditions such as rain, moisture, dust and insects. The Terrace Soundbar has the Adaptive Sound feature, and with this feature, it provides the appropriate sound quality by analyzing the content you watch. This product will be your perfect assistant to bring out the entertainment experience. The Terrace also uses an anti-glare technology that prevents glare and offers excellent performance in any environment, with an average screen brightness of 2,000 nits and QLED 4K image quality. The Terrace will first be available in 55, 65 and 75 inch models in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and Switzerland.

All of Samsung’s TV group products are based on a bold and extraordinary design and innovation philosophy. There is a TV model for everyone in this portfolio, including the first mobile compatible television in the world, The Sero. The Sero, a product optimized to play content on the big screen with a touch of your mobile device, instantly projects the image on your phone onto the screen with QLED image quality.

The desire for great TV and content has never been greater. Therefore, investments in the biggest and best devices such as 8K devices do not slow down. Pioneering 8K technology is an innovation that makes Samsung stand out. The flagship Q950 is a revolutionary TV with a thinner footprint than ever before. Its infinity display has a 99% screen-to-body ratio and an astonishingly thin 15mm thickness. Besides the image, there is a sound system and Samsung’s latest soundbars. The Q800T features Q-Symphony, which produces harmonious sound from both TV and soundbar speakers for optimum entertainment experience. (Compatible with certain QLED TVs.)

Odyssey G9 and G7: An immersive gaming experience that puts you right in the middle of the action

Samsung Life Unstoppable sanal fuar alanında yeni ürünlerini sergiliyor

Samsung Life Unstoppable exhibits its new products in the virtual fair area
The game industry is an industry that continues to evolve. It means more than just war games or RPG adventure. Games have become a space for communicating with others and sharing new experiences. This year, gaming platforms hosted fashion launches, festivals, and even Samsung’s Life Unstoppable experience.

Samsung offers you the best gaming experience whether you’re on the go with devices in its Galaxy portfolio, such as the Galaxy Note20, or using QLED TVs and Odyssey monitors in your home. The new flagship Odyssey monitors G9 and G7 feature a curved 1000-millimeter display, a one-millimeter response time, and 240Hz refresh rate, a world first. In this way, it drags consumers into the heart of the game. The HDR10 + QLED screen brings the game image to life with the best quality, brightness and contrast ratio. The brand new Odyssey G5, currently on sale in selected countries, is a combination of existing Odyssey flagship models. Having all the technology you can expect from a Samsung gaming monitor, G5 also reduces eye strain with its flicker-free technology, allowing gamers to continue playing for longer periods of time.

Starting next month, Samsung will once again bring gamers together in the Samsung Odyssey League, the groundbreaking e-sports competition that will wreak havoc on the European gaming community.

Samsung’s mobile products

Samsung Life Unstoppable sanal fuar alanında yeni ürünlerini sergiliyor

This year, consumers are using mobile technology more intensively than ever before. Mobile devices continue to make everything easier, from staying in touch with your loved ones, to making a difference in your school and work, to achieving your game or sports goals on time. Samsung’s focus and the brand’s flawless Galaxy Ecosystem work in perfect harmony to help you make the most of every moment.

Consumers now work, live and have fun in the same place. Nevertheless, there is a more serious need than ever for a compact device that can meet all the needs of consumers. The last member of Samsung’s tablet family, the Galaxy Tab A7 offers a definitive solution. Its 10.4-inch screen, which sits in a symmetrical frame with a premium metal surface, reveals a smooth and balanced design. With 80 percent screen-to-body ratio, Quad Dolby Atmos speakers and long hours of battery power, the Tab A7 delivers the ultimate audio and video entertainment experience you could want on the go. It’s also a great option for kids, with the completely revamped Samsung Kids app that offers a variety of educational and entertaining content. Galaxy Tab A7 will be available in October.

This year, homes began to be used as gyms, and the demand for wearables for watching fitness videos1 increased as customers moved towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To respond to this growing demand, Samsung is launching its new wearable device Fit2. Fit2 is the perfect fitness companion for you with its thin and light design, long hours of battery power and advanced tracking features.

It automatically detects and tracks five different activity types, providing information about your fitness activities such as calories burned, heart rate, distance. In addition, it can monitor your sleep patterns and provide daily analysis and individual Sleep Score information. While the groove design helps reduce sweating, the 3D glass screen offers over 70 different visual options, so you can choose the one that best fits your style. It also stays on for 15 days without a charge2, so you can focus on your fitness goals without worrying about the battery.

While the Galaxy 5G is revolutionizing the connected experience, with a wide range of 5G compatible and end-to-end devices, Samsung is embracing a unique position to fully realize the potential of 5G. Samsung announced that a new 5G-compatible device will be added to its Galaxy A range later this year. This item is Galaxy A42 5G. This device, which has all the features you can expect from A Series devices, also has an original and modern design and quad camera layout. A42 5G; It has a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display and keeps you connected thanks to its superb download and playback speed. A device that keeps up with your rhythm, helps you capture the moment and express yourself every moment.

Last year, Samsung took the industry by storm with a revolutionary foldable smartphone. Now, Samsung continues to move the sector forward by releasing the new generation device of the foldable Galaxy Z portfolio, the Galaxy Z Fold2.

This latest innovation in foldable cell phone technology is currently in the pre-order stage. The device combines a breathtaking design with revolutionarily advanced hardware, offering a new addition to Samsung’s innovative legacy. It has two color options, Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze, and thanks to its unrivaled hinge technology, the 6.2-inch cover screen opens and turns into a 7.6-inch main screen.

With technology advancing faster than ever before, Samsung has also developed a new product considering the need for a new charging station that can charge more of your devices simultaneously. Wireless Triple Charging is conceived as a brand new wireless charging solution designed to charge compatible devices at the same time, making it easier for daily use.

Household appliances that help consumers customize their lifestyle and embrace sustainable living

Samsung Life Unstoppable sanal fuar alanında yeni ürünlerini sergiliyor

Samsung continues to expand its range of flexible home appliances with the Bespoke refrigerator. This modular refrigerator, which will be launched in October of this year in Europe, offers the possibility of customization in different ways with easily changeable colors and materials. The configuration options for Bespoke are endless because it offers consumers the flexibility to create an individualized solution for their kitchen at every stage of their lives.

Samsung is also considering efforts to minimize household food waste. Recent trends show that consumers go to supermarkets less but buy more when they do. RB7300T Classic Refrigerator offers consumers larger storage space with Space MaxTM technology, which provides more net usage space in the same outer volume. A sustainable lifestyle is offered to consumers with energy performance. Optimized for savings, the Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed according to the type of food in your fridge and provides 50 percent energy savings.

With its new products WW9800T Washing Machine and DV8000T Dryer, Samsung has developed the new generation of smart and energy efficient washing machine experience for its consumers. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Washing Machine automatically learns your preferred settings and wash cycles with its intuitive AI control panel. Samsung’s EcoBubble technology maximizes detergent efficiency by mixing the detergent with air and water into a foam. With the support of the iconic QuickDrive technology, this new range reduces laundry times by 50 percent and energy use by 20 percent.

When Samsung’s new Dryer is used alongside the YZ Washing Machine, the laundry business turns into an end-to-end individualized laundry experience. These two devices can communicate with each other using Auto Cycle Link technology to automatically adjust the appropriate drying cycle for the laundry you are washing to dry. The new dryer also has energy class A +++, one of Samsung’s areas of expertise.

Life Unstoppable experience

Samsung Life Unstoppable sanal fuar alanında yeni ürünlerini sergiliyor

The virtual world of Life Unstoppable was structured on Epic Games’ Unreal game platform as an experience realized for the first time in this field.

The entire Samsung ecosystem is brought to life as an immersive experience that takes participants to a virtual Samsung Home with key speakers and special guests. Among the guests of the house are the famous English sprinter Dina Asher-Smith; Spotify Vice President of Product Sten Garmark; DAZN Chief Subscription Officer Ben King; professional eSports player and Samsung Morning Star player Stass “StenBosse” Skopin. Platform; It enabled interaction with more than 25 products in mobile devices, wearable devices, TV, audio and home appliances.

This experience also had several surprises. Visitors tried to find five comic books hidden in the Samsung House. For visitors with all five issues, the virtual world has transformed into a surreal superhero comic book experience.


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