Samsung Launches Virtual RAM Feature for Galaxy Phones


Samsung found a way to increase the RAM memory of Galaxy line phones for free. Only released in India, the RAM Plus function was recently made available in an update for the Galaxy A52s 5G.

In particular, the new feature adds 4GB of virtual memory to the phone. Firmware “A528BXXU1AUH9” also brought improvements to the stability of the device and cameras.

The RAM Plus concept is not completely new to mobile devices. This feature is an improved version of the memory paging present in Android and almost all other operating systems.

One of the advantages of the function is to ensure extra memory so that smartphones perform activities more fluidly. Should Samsung take this option to more Galaxy devices, it could increase the lifecycle of the devices.

Another interesting point of RAM Plus is the possibility of using the internal storage space as virtual memory. The novelty will help improve the performance of branded devices, which can gain a survival from the update.

following the trend

Virtual RAM expansion is a feature that is being adopted by many manufacturers. Chinese companies Xiaomi and Realme have unveiled a list of their devices that support this functionality.

Other brands such as Oppo and Vivo have also announced that they are working to offer similar options to users. As such, the function should become a trend on mobile devices soon.

In the case of Samsung, the function remains limited to the Galaxy A52s sold in India. So far, the company has not revealed when other devices will receive the RAM Plus function.


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