Samsung launches remote control without battery


Seeking to reduce the generation of “tons of garbage annually” and continue to reduce the environmental impacts for which the company is responsible, Samsung announced, on Wednesday (6), that its new lines of TVs will bring a remote control with charging solar – eliminating the need for batteries and disposable batteries.

Even though it resembles – and a lot – other components, the Eco Remote Control will have a panel of solar cells on its back, responsible for powering the device. In addition, 24% of the plastic in its composition comes from recycled polyethylene terephthalate, the famous PET, used mainly in beverage bottles.

According to the South Korean giant, the lifespan of the novelty is up to two years, a period in which the technology runs out, relatively limited by monitoring devices that are not frequently exchanged by consumers.

In any case, the company, in this case, is not following in the footsteps of smartphone manufacturers, who have even eliminated the delivery of accessories to the public completely.

Finally, if the customer wants to charge the Eco Remote Control more quickly, a USB-C port will do the job.

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