Samsung Launches Program To Reduce Environmental Impact by 2025


Samsung presented this Wednesday (11) its new sustainability platform for the area of ​​mobile devices. Entitled “Galaxy for the Planet”, the initiative provides for tangible climate action across the business, driven by innovation and a spirit of open collaboration.

Through the project, the South Korean giant has defined goals to be achieved by 2025, with the objective of reducing the environmental footprint and the depletion of resources from production to disposal of devices from the Galaxy line. According to the company, employing sustainable practices at each stage of production is essential to minimize impacts.

“Galaxy for the Planet is an important step in our journey to create a more sustainable world. We will do this with the openness, transparency and collaboration that drive everything we do,” summarized Samsung’s president and business leader for mobile devices, TM Roh.

The use of recycled materials in all the brand’s new mobile products until 2025 is one of the company’s commitments. She informed that she intends to use different types of ecological materials, considering characteristics such as resistance, aesthetics and durability.

Other goals to be met by 2025

The elimination of all single-use plastics in cell phone packaging and other branded gadgets is also in the plans, adopting ecological solutions instead. Reducing the standby power consumption of smartphone chargers to less than 0.005W is another of the goals presented.

Finally, Samsung announced its commitment to zero landfill disposal over the next four years. According to the company, reducing electronic waste on a global scale involves optimizing the life cycle of products, investing in new design processes and improving existing initiatives, such as the Galaxy Upcycling program.


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