Samsung Launches New 200 MP Camera Sensor For Mobile Phones


Samsung revealed this Thursday (2) two new camera sensors for smartphones, which should equip the brand’s launches from 2022. One of them, the ISOCELL HP1, is the first component of its kind to support 200 MP for cell phones.

With 0.64 µm pixels, the brand’s most advanced, the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 offers ultra-high resolution, allowing you to record photos with a surprising amount of detail. According to the brand, this feature maintains the sharpness of the image even if the file undergoes resizing or cropping.

The new sensor also improves the quality of photos in low light conditions. This is due to ChameleonCell technology, which has the ability to change the pixel layout depending on the environment — in low light, for example, the HP1 becomes a 12.5 MP sensor with large 2.56 µm pixels, blending 16 neighboring pixels.

This new 2.56 µm pixel has greater light absorption power and sensitivity, as the manufacturer explains, producing clearer and sharper images at night and indoors. In outdoor and illuminated environments, the 200 million pixels show their full potential.


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