Samsung launches ‘mop robot’ that wipes the floor


Samsung has announced yet another device to integrate the smart smart home ecosystem and facilitate household tasks. The Jetbot Mop VR6000 is a small “mop robot”, which wipes and absorbs dust particles with bristles of various sizes, with autonomous or manual control.

Now available in Brazil, the Jetbot Mop VR6000 is an extremely interesting creation to speed up the routine cleaning of a room. The robot is equipped with proximity sensors and intelligent systems to meet diverse demands and solve specific problems, such as reducing the presence of dust and speeding up care for the home.

According to Samsung, the Jetbot Mop VR6000 can be controlled by remote control (which comes with the product) and is reinforced with a navigation system to avoid obstacles, falls and bypass objects – in addition to being useful for some of the available handling and cleaning standards on the device.

It is equipped with two rotating paddles covered with cloths and uses its own weight to put pressure on the floor and perform high-speed cleaning. On the fabric, two of them are composed of microfiber, more versatile, and two others of mother fiber, for high absorption and resistance, ideal for liquids and retain dust on porous surfaces or cracks.

Above the device, there is also a handle that allows the manual use of the Jetbot Mop to clean walls and tiles. In this case, the operation depends on the user’s strength on the wall, but the blades must be good allies in cleaning these surfaces. Cloths can also apply cleaning products to surfaces, which further optimizes their operation.

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The battery, in turn, lasts about 100 minutes and there are eight modes of intelligent cleaning: Edge, Auto, Step, Focus, 50 min., Intensive, Pattern and Manual – in the latter, cleaning is up to the user, who you can control the robot via the remote control.

Availability and price

Soon, the Jetbot Mop VR6000 will be available for purchase on the Samsung website and should hit the shelves of partner retailers. The amount suggested by the South Korean is R $ 2,899, but the price may vary with each retailer.


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