Samsung Launches Jet Bot AI+ And Jet Bot+ Vacuum Cleaners In Brazil


Jet Bot: Presented at the 2022 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last month, Samsung’s new vacuum cleaners, Jet Bot AI+ and Jet Bot+, are now on sale in Brazil. They have the LiDAR sensor, which creates a detailed map of the cleaning area, and can be controlled by cell phone via the SmartThings app.

Equipped with the Intel AI processor, the Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum cleaner features artificial intelligence, being able to recognize and dodge various obstacles. There is also the Active Stereo 3D sensor, which uses a depth camera to explore the area, helping the device to dodge objects that are at least 1 cm high.

In addition to cleaning, the model also allows you to monitor the house remotely, using the front camera to stream live videos. Through the SmartThings app, the owner follows the images in real time from wherever they are and can configure the device, including the help of Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant assistants.

Other highlights are the integrated speakers, to play music while cleaning the house or warn of the robot’s approach, and the automatic emptying of the dust compartment.

Jet Bot+

More basic, Jet Bot+ brings several features of the more expensive version, such as mapping for greater precision in cleaning. The Live Cleaning Report function offers the possibility to check the robot vacuum cleaner’s path and control it over the phone.

It also has a filtration system that captures up to 99.99% of fine dust particles, according to the manufacturer, and allows the dust compartment to be removed and washed.