Samsung launches its first laptop with a QLED screen


One of the parts where some computers crash is on the screen. We are not saying that they are not good, but it is true that depending on the manufacturer you can find different resolutions and manufacturing styles. Some old acquaintances from other sectors offer their latest advances in other segments such as Samsung and the new Galaxy Chromebook 2 with QLED screen.

The best Samsung screen in a laptop

Everyone has their perception of what they need when buying a laptop. This is important, as the individual’s needs help determine the budget for purchasing the equipment. Based on this, you can get an idea of ​​what you need and thus buy the one that best suits your needs. Today we strike a chord with multimedia lovers with the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2.

The device is enshrined as a 2-in-1 device, whereby the hinges rotate fully until the lid touches the base of the device. This will allow you to operate with its 13.3-inch touch screen with 1,080p resolution. But the thing does not end here, and it is that the Korean firm has put a QLED panel that will delight users. Last year we already told you the difference with OLEDs, which is very significant.

Inside we find a modest tenth generation i3 processor or Celeron Intel to move the data. It is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and an adjustable configuration of 64 or 128 GB with microSD slot. This is important as you will have the opportunity to expand the space with other compatible cards well beyond the available internal space. We must also talk about the rest of its features such as the connection with ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth v5.0, support for the Univeral Stylus Initiative stylus and a 45.5 Wh battery that promises to provide a battery life of all day.

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Google operating system

One of the curiosities that may catch your attention about the new Galaxy Chromebook 2 is the QLED screen that it integrates, but we have to tell you that it operates under the Google operating system. This works very well on devices of this style, making it a very good option. However, what is still waiting to be known is the price and date of departure of the equipment, two details that Samsung has not yet clarified.


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