Samsung Launches Fun Stickers For WhatsApp


Samsung announced the launch of the company’s stickers that can be used on WhatsApp. It is the first time that the brand has launched a sticker pack in Latin America, with availability in Portuguese and Spanish.

All images are based on Samsung products, with short and fun phrases — according to the company, the ideas were realized with suggestions published by the users themselves, in the Samsung Members community.

For now, the Samsung package is distributed exclusively on WhatsApp and the Portuguese version has already been downloaded more than 14 thousand times. If you also want to test the images, there’s not much difficulty in adding the package to the messaging app.

Add Samsung stickers to WhatsApp

Download the app from the Google Play Store;
On your cell phone, access the stickers page in Portuguese;
Select the package and download it;
Finally, access WhatsApp and the pictures will be available.


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