Samsung launches debit card with discounted purchases


Samsung launched, on Monday (31), the Samsung Pay Card in South Korea. The debit card, which works as a physical version of Samsung Pay, allows the user to make payments in stores and on websites, in addition to offer a minimum discount of 1% for offline purchases and 1.5% for online payments, with support for international transactions.

Developed in conjunction with Mastercard, Samsung’s debit card is completely managed through the Samsung Pay app. The physical version of Samsung’s payments service has yet to arrive in Brazil.

Also available in a virtual version in the UK, the card can be ordered through the Samsung Pay app. The accessory only allows debit payments and will be accepted at merchants that offer payment using NFC technology. In the United States, the South Korean giant had already launched Samsung Money by SoFi.

The Samsung Pay Card approach differs slightly from what Apple does with the Apple Card. In the case of apples, the card is credit and operates in a conventional manner, without depending on payment points with NFC. The formula used by Apple may appear on a Google card, which is rumored to be in development.

The Samsung Pay app also allows you to completely control the use of the card with interfaces to monitor expenses, balances, discounts etc. The app also makes it possible to use card security functions, such as blocking for international transactions.

The use of the card promises some benefits to customers. For any offline purchase, made in physical establishments, Samsung promises a discount of 1% in the final value, while in purchases made over the Internet, the discount is 1.5%. In addition, until December 31, these values ​​have increased by 0.5%.

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Finally, purchases abroad offer a 5% discount, but the total is limited to 100,000 South Korean wones (equivalent to approximately R $ 450) per month. In addition, in countries like the United Kingdom, there is a cashback policy in selected establishments.


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