Samsung launches COVID-19 test center in South Korea


Corona virus has been in our lives since the beginning of this year. While the countries’ struggle with the virus was discussed, South Korea, which attracted attention with its good coping with the virus since the first day, was successful with the decisions it made. Both the number of patients and the measures taken set an example for other countries. Now, Samsung is setting up a COVID-19 test center in South Korea.

Samsung COVID-19 test center in South Korea

Samsung has taken many steps within the scope of the corona virus. He continued to work against the virus in many ways, from help centers to self-disinfecting cases. The latest product of this effort was to open a virus-tested testing center in South Korea.

Like many other companies, Samsung had to close its various factories and stores around the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, some Samsung employees’ corona virus tests were positive. After this development, Samsung has established an in-house COVID-19 test center.

Samsung COVID-19 test merkezi-00

The South Korean tech giant is now the first private company to have a dedicated COVID-19 test facility in South Korea. Samsung has set up a virus testing center at the Hwaseong plant to increase its antivirus measures and keep its employees healthy.

The center will become a place where six medical specialists take place, tests are carried out, research is carried out and at the same time diagnosis is made. The test center will assist people living in Hwaseong, as well as testing the company employees.

Samsung is among the companies affected by the virus. As you know, the company switched from home to work with some of its employees. The company aims to recover its financial crises by the end of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

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