Samsung launches Bixby in Portuguese for 2020 TVs


Bixby, Samsung’s personal voice assistant, will be made available in PT-BR on the brand’s SmartTVs 2020. The novelty, scheduled for September, comes to expand the reach of the tool and promote greater integration between intelligent products.

The Portuguese version covers models from the Crystall UHD TU8000 TV and will feature a total of 18 features, including voice control from other smart devices. In addition to the new version of the assistant, Samsung will make Google Assistant available from the fourth quarter of this year for these models.

How to activate Bixby

To activate the personal assistant on your TV, simply go to the settings menu and select the “General” option. Then click on “Voice” and finally on “Bixby Voice Settings”. In this tab, you can choose Portuguese as the main language.

To use some functions, such as Ambient Mode – which allows replacing the dark background of the display with works of art – it is necessary to have SmartThings downloaded, an application that also allows for other smart devices.

Assistant features

Opening and pausing video apps, changing channels, changing the volume, accessing photos stored on the Samsung Cloud, configuring the Multi Screen function, consulting the weather forecast, are just some of the possibilities present in the resource.

Bixby will also allow the exchange of TV inputs, for example, when the user wants to stop watching a movie and use a video game console connected to the HDMI input.

It is worth mentioning that in some models, such as Crystal UHD TU8000 and QLED Q60T, it is necessary to use the microphone present in Samsung’s unique remote control to activate the assistant. However, in other models such as QLED 4K5 and QLED 8K, it is possible to dispense with the use of the control, configuring the voice sensitivity of TVs.

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