Samsung launches app that finds your lost gadget


Samsung announced a novelty that promises to make life easier for users of its products: the SmartThings Find service, a feature that allows you to easily locate any cell phone, headset, smartwatch or tablet in the Galaxy line, even if the internet is disconnected.

To get an idea of ​​the demand for the service, there are already 6 million users in Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States registered to have early access to the new technology. As a result, SmartThings Find is ready for its global launch on devices equipped with Android 8 and later.

The service uses two types of technology: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB). They allow the devices to be turned on, and the customer can find them easily, even without internet. The most interesting thing is that, in this search, the owner of the device will count on the “help” of other SmartThings users.

How does SmartThings Find work?

The thing works like this: after being offline for 30 minutes, the lost device will start transmitting a BLE signal, which is registered by other devices in the vicinity. From there, the location data is sent to a Samsung server.

Available on this server, the signal will be sent to the owner of the missing gadget. It is important to note that all SmartThings Find user data is encrypted and protected, to prevent the device’s whereabouts from being revealed to strangers.

When the tracking starts, it is possible to reach the location where the device is, following the instructions of a map, based on Augmented Reality (AR). When approaching the point, the owner can activate an audible signal or the “Search nearby” function, which shows several colored graphics that become brighter as you approach the object.

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Samsung informs that all users can already use the feature as of today (30). To do this, simply update the SmartThings app.


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