Samsung Launches 144Hz Odissey G3 Gamer Monitor


Samsung presented on Monday (13) a reinforcement to the “arsenal” available to its gamer audience: the new Odissey G3 monitor, which promises to add another powerful gameplay option, among those already offered by other models in the line: G5 , G7 and G9.

The Odissey G3 arrives with some interesting technologies to fulfill the promise of providing quality gameplay, without worrying about lags or chokes. With a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, the screen has a Full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels and offers the options of 24 and 27 inches.

The monitor also features support for AMD Freesync Premium technology, which promises a flawless gaming experience and maximum performance, with support for low frame rate (LFC) compensation and low latency. This can translate into superior image quality with no trails and reduced judder caused by any misalignments between the content’s refresh rate and frame rate.

The Odissey G3 is for gamers, streamers and beginners

The launch of the Odissey G3 takes place, according to the director of the B2B division of Samsung Brazil, Kaue Melo, to make the family more complete in the country. “We look from the biggest screen and curve, which is the case of the G9, to the G3, which serves both gamers and streamers, who spend hours in gameplays and lives, to beginners who are putting together the first setup”, says the executive in the company’s newsroom.

For this, the monitor is ergonomic and designed to be used vertically and also as a second screen option.

Price and availability

The Odissey G3 is now available on Samsung’s official website, in black, at this link. The suggested price is R$2,399 for the 24-inch model and R$2,899 for the 27-inch.

The company is also distributing the product to partner retailers, which can offer more advantageous values ​​over time.


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