Samsung is quite ambitious in its TVs in 2021


Samsung is especially assertive on the smart TV side. Offering a much better experience in new models, the company is excited about the Samsung Mini LED smart TV models it will launch next year.

Signing the world’s leading smart television models, Samsung is ambitious in the LED TV segment and now the company is preparing to launch new TV models with advanced technology. It is reported that Samsung is working on a new Mini LED display for its smart TVs.

Samsung Mini LED smart TV coming in 2021

The South Korean giant claims it is ready to launch a new Mini LED Smart TV series on the market in the first half of next year, according to a new report emerging on the subject. It is not yet known when these TVs will be released, but according to the report, Mini LED TVs are expected to be sold for two million.

Samsung Mini LED akıllı TV

Mini LED TVs are based on small LEDs, each varying between 100 and 300. In this way, the screen is made brighter and can offer users a clearer image. Samsung currently has two series for premium Smart TVs. These; QLED and Micro LED.

Mini LED TVs, which will soon be released from the South Korean giant, will take their place among premium models. To remind you, the tech giant exhibited the best in class Micro LED TVs at CES 2020 earlier this year.


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