Samsung is on the agenda with its processor move


Many users complain about Samsung models with Exynos processors. However, insisting on producing processors, Samsung has begun to put more effort into the Chinese market.

Samsung aims to increase its processor sales with the Chinese market

The company, which recently made a statement about the Exynos 1080 model, started working to move faster in the Chinese market. Wanting to appeal more to companies such as Vivo, Xiaomi and Oppo, Samsung will introduce its new processor in Shanghai on November 12th.

The new processor produced with 5 nm technology is expected to be in a better position in terms of power consumption and performance. Other Chinese manufacturers are expected to introduce their mid-segment devices in the coming months in order to gain market share of Huawei, which allegedly suspended phone production due to the US embargo.

MediaTek ranks first with a market share of 29 percent, followed by MediaTek with 26 percent. Ranking fourth with a market share of approximately 13 percent, Samsung aims to increase its market share thanks to companies that want to increase its production.

Last year, Exynos 980 processor was used in Vivo X30. After this move, Samsung agreed with Xiaomi and started to supply Exynos 990 for the Mi 10E model.

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